Reanda Lau & Au Yeung (HK) CPA Limited (“RL&AY”)

Reanda Lau & Au Yeung (HK) CPA Limited (“RL&AY”)

Reanda Lau & Au Yeung (HK) CPA Limited (“RL&AY”) was established in Hong Kong in April 2009, RL&AY is a joint venture CPA firm formed between Reanda Certified Public Accountants LLP, a top 10 CPA firm in Beijing China, and Lau & Au Yeung C.P.A. Limited as driven by market demand and encouragement from the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA) for Mainland accounting firms to “go global”,

RL&AY is one of the founding and the first overseas member firm of Reanda International. Inaugurated in September 2010, Reanda International is the world’s 20th largest and the first China-branded international professional network of independent accounting and consulting firms widely recognised and fully accredited by the China’s Ministry of Finance and the CICPA.


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